Premium rate services SMS/text short codes

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Premium rate services SMS/text short codes are usually five-digit numbers beginning with 5 i.e. 5XXXX. SMS to premium rate services typically cost more than ordinary texts depending on the short code.


Currently this service is not available on 48 and as a 48 customer you won’t be able to send an outgoing SMS to these 5-digit prefixes.


The vast majority of third-party companies that use SMS short codes do offer alternative methods of contact or verification such as apps or contact numbers i.e. parking etc.


To find a silver lining though it does mean no unwanted charges eating up your additional credit balance.


At 48 we’re always looking to expand our available services, and should this service become available in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Just a heads up – Although 48 customers currently cannot send an SMS to these services there’s no barring or blocking from you receiving a text from a short prefix e.g. your bank.


If your currently experiencing an issue receiving an SMS from company or third-party service that use premium rate SMS short codes, then we’d strongly recommend reaching out to that service provider. As the message isn’t being received to your phone, we’ve no record of the text on the network so we’d be unable to look into this further for you so it’s best to head straight to the source and they’ll investigate the issue on your behalf.  

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