Managing your Permissions & Alerts

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When you sign up, we ask you for some marketing permissions and how you’d like to receive these communications. Depending on your preference you can choose to be contacted via email or SMS.  


The types of communications we send you vary, so it’s important you select What’s most suitable for you. This way we can work together in order to send the most relevant communications to you to maximise your 48 experience.  


Setting up and changing permissions 


You will be asked when signing up what permissions you want to accept and how you’d prefer to be contacted. You can always change your mind by selecting settings within the menu of My48 and choosing the permissions tab if you ever what to amend these.  


Changing alerts 


We use alerts to give you access to all our features of your My48 account. If you feel these are too much and you want to take a break, you can always turn them off by selecting the permissions tab within the settings menu. Turning off notifications may affect some app features. 


If you enjoy the small print then our full terms are available here

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