How to set up Tethering/Hotspot on your Handset

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In some instances a notification can appear on some handsets to direct you to contact your network provider as you may incur additional charges for using hotspot/tethering.


However on 48 there is no additional charges for using hotspot/thethering as your 48 data allowance can be used to hotspot/tehter from your phone. On that same note there isnt anything that needs to be enabled at an account level for you to use this phone feature either.


Just a heads up – It is worth noting though that tethering/hotspot is a phone feature and not a network service. So although we don’t block this service if it doesn’t work or you encounter an issue with it working in future then its not something we are able to fix it from a network side.


However there are some settings you can update on your handset to see will this get you started or back up and running.


First, if you’re having issues with mobile data and not just hotspot/tethering on your handset then its best to check your overall data APN settings on your handset first to ensure the correct settings are saved to allow you to access data.


For data APN settings have at look at our community article 👉 here


If your mobile data is working but the issue is just your hotspot/tethering, then follow the below steps. Typcially the below settings are an additional step required on iPhone and for Android just the correct data APN is needed. 


1.Select Settings
2.Select Mobile Data and Mobile Data Options
3.Select Mobile Data Network
4.Scroll to MOBILE DATA
5. Scroll to Personal Hotspot and enter APN
6.Press the Back button to complete

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