Getting Started - Try Before You Buy.

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Every new customer can try 48 commitment-free!  



How can I order my free 48 SIM? 

To order your free 48 SIM tap here. Once your SIM arrives you'll need to activate your SIM to enjoy a free 1GB on us, this gives you an opportunity to check out our services without having to pay!  


Is there a catch? 

Nope, no catch but once you activate your SIM you have 7 days to use it or lose it. 


Its also worth giving a reminder the try before you buy is data only, so you wont be able to make calls and texts until you purchase a membership. You can however receive incoming calls and SMS. If you've taken a temporary number you can check this out on your My48 so you can make a test call etc. Login My48 >> My Profile >> My details and your number will be displayed there. 


What happens to the free 1GB if I buy a membership during the days trial? 

When you buy a membership during the 7 days trial; your free 1GB will be added to your allowance, so you won’t miss out. 


Just a heads up - You may need to update your internet settings(APN) if your not getting a data connection after you've activate your SIM. Have a look at our artice here that'll guide you through what to do here


What about customers who are already on the network?  

The free 1GB is for new customers only as it’s an opportunity for anyone new to 48 to try before you buy.  But we’ve got you covered, as a committed 48’er you can earn free credit by recruiting your friends.


Simply log in to your My48 account to share your unique link to get recruiting. If you need more info, see our guide on Recruit & Reward. 


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