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Check out our fantastic new membership and all the great features that are built in, we really think you’ll enjoy the new changes and don’t worry you’ll still recognise us we have the same great network and sparkling personality as before!  


I've moved my number to another network, but I want to come back. 

Welcome back, we missed you! To get back up and running just order a free sim, tap here  


Why can’t I just use my old SIM?  

When you moved your number to a different network this cancelled your account, so we need to set you up again.


Just a Heads Up - If you happen to get a notification when ordering a new SIM "Email already exists" then you probably used this email address when you were last with us. To order a new sim either use a new email that hasn’t been registered to 48 before or contact our Care Crew who can free up your email so you can use this again. 


So, what’s new with Us? 

Check out our new membership that offers you great 


  • All Calls (mobile & landline ROI),
  • All Texts (any network),
  • All Data 200GB Data Allowance.   
  • 4G 


Unlimited data isn’t the be all and end all however with that being said it’s really important for us to deliver great value plans with great allowances. Effective the 5th of April 2022 we’ve launched a brand-new membership to offer our customers exactly that.  


Our €12.99 All Data, All Calls, All Text membership is now available to both new and existing customers. Fair usage policy apply of 200GB applies.  For full fair usage T&C are available here


That’s not everything we also have new features that put you in control of your membership and how you choose to use it, wait for it… Meet Flexi data!


Flexi Data   

Flexi data includes share, swap, donate, spot, safe and carryover features. Feeling excited, review the great features available for you!  


  1. The Safe – Save your unused data to your safe. You’re in charge, there’s no waste with this feature! Save data to your safe rather than let it expire and you can unlock it in a later membership when you need it most.  
  2. Carryover – It’s like the safe but instead of putting your data away and taking it out again you choose the amount of data you want to carry into your next month’s membership.  
  3. Swap – Not a talker, we got you! With this new feature you can convert some or all of your call allowance into additional data.  
  4. Donate – If you don’t need your full data allowance or don’t want to leave your remaining allowance expire then we’d encourage you to be the best you and donate to our chosen charity party.  
  5. Spot Me – Running low on Data? With Spot me you can borrow 1GB from your next membership!  
  6. Share - Feeling generous or just in need of some GB? The Share feature gives you the freedom to share or receive data with friends.  


You’ll see we’ve a running theme with our new features, its Data focused but with a community and resourceful twist. Click here to know more. 








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