4G is here!

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We are thrilled to announce we are rolling out 4G to all our customers from the 21st to the 25th November. It will kick in automatically so sit back, relax and let the faster speeds come your way.


You’ll know when you’re getting 4G because your device will say 4G or LTE at the top of your home screen and remember, you won’t see this if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.


During this period, you might see an 'R' symbol on your device, don't worry you are not roaming and this is just part of the 4G application on your device. You may also so a display of ‘3/48’ or '48/48' instead of ‘48’ operator indicator. This is normal and should resolve itself when you are 4G ready.


If you haven’t seen the 4G symbol or LTE symbol on your phone by the 25th Nov please follow the below steps.


1.Ensure your device is 4G capable – list of 4G compatible devices available here

2.Check 4G (or LTE) is enabled in your device’s settings

3.Make sure you are in a 4G coverage area, check here

4.Manually search for '48 4G' mobile operator in your network settings


If you still are having issues after the 25th November, please contact care.

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