How can they get away with this?

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‎03-01-2022 09:36 PM

After living in Barcelona, I've returned to live in Waterford for a few months and so am relying on my 48 sim much more than previously (I have a dual-sim phone) and the internet is shocking. I was happy to hear that 48 had finally implemented 4g a few years ago and thought it was great to see 4g+ on my notification bar.


I was confused why it seemed so slow for 4g+ and did a speed test, only to find:



4g is meant to be about 150Mbps download, while 4g+ should be max 300Mbps. Of course, these are theoretical speeds, and so the real world speed would be lower, but it is ridiculous that 4g+ theoretical speed of 300Mbps translates into just 1.02Mbps (or just 0.34% of theoretical). My previous sims have had 4g at about 20/30Mbps.


How do more people not complain about this? My phone internet wasn't this bad even when I previously had 3g about 10 years ago.

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Re: How can they get away with this?

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‎05-01-2022 09:25 PM
I have to agree speed's are slow OK, on a few recent visits to North of Ireland no Internet at all a d only one provider 02 UK a swer that one 48 peeps.
Posted from Samsung SM-A226B

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