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4g roaming - new EU regulation 1 July 2022


When does 48 plan to add 4G roaming? I have noticed for a few EU countries roaming no longer works for 3G as they are shutting down their 3G networks and replacing with 4/5G, and 48 only offer 3G roaming. This means I am only getting 2G/EDGE if I am lucky


the new EU rule 

Consumers now will have the right to the same quality of mobile internet abroad, as the one they have at home. Operators providing mobile services should ensure that consumers have access to use 4G





48 support have confirmed to me that roaming connectivity in France will be 3G, not 4G/LTE which is what I get at home. I've asked Comreg how this squares up with the new EU rules on Roam-Like-At-Home which came into force on July 1st.


I'm glad 48 are confident that I'll be able to connect in France. We'll see!




Doesn't work in Italy either. Here now and have been in May as well. It never worked. I followed all the guides they published with no result.


I got a reply from Comreg, I've pasted the gist of it below. If you're not getting the service (which is now 4G/LTE in Europe if that's what you get in Ireland), raise a complaint with 48 and talk to Comreg too.


I will have to wait till I get to France on Thursday and if I'm have trouble or just getting 3G I will get back to 48.


I suspect 48 are going to wriggle out of it on a technicality.


From Comreg (edited for typos and clarity):


We have reviewed your query internally regarding the EU Directive and 48's ability to provide a Roam like Home facility while travelling in the EU.

The obligation on providers is contained at Article 4(2) of those Regulations which states that “Roaming providers shall not offer regulated retail roaming services under conditions that are less advantageous than those offered domestically, in particular in terms of the quality of service provided for in the retail contract, where the same generation of mobile communications networks and technologies are available on the visited network.

The obligation is clear that “retail roaming services” should not be “less advantageous than those offered domestically” where the “same generation of mobile communications networks and technologies are available on the visited network.”

We must stress that the Directive is very recent; if you find that you are not receiving a satisfactory service from 48 while travelling in the EU, a formal complaint can be raised with 48 in line with their Code of Practice to allow the service provider to resolve the matter with you.

To lodge a complaint with 48 I would advise that you proceed as outlined below:

- Contact 48 ’s customer care department by email on:

Full contact details and Code of Practice for 48 can be viewed on:

- Request details of a unique reference number to identify and track the individual complaint

- Give the full details of your complaint

Got help on twitter (only place I found whre they talk to you directly) and they solved my roaming issue (I'm in Italy ATM)

Here their message (it's crucial that you limit the phone to 3G networks excluding 4G/5G):

Apply the below settings-

1. Turn ON the data roaming and Mobile data.
2. Go to the settings>>mobile networks>>access point name.
3. Delete all the access point name, make it blank and add a new access point name as mentioned below and save it, do not make any other changes.

Name- 48 internet.

Enable this APN.

Select the Network Mode as 3G if 4G or Lte /Volte isn't working.

Sorry, Twitter changed the link in my message. The link is the same you find in the guides.

Same here. In Italy at the moment and nothing works.

The same in Poland. Only 3G networks available and you need to limit your network mode to 2G/3G only in your phone. If you stay on network mode 4G/3G/2G then you are kicked off from service at all and only able to make Emergency calls.
Absolutely useless and ignoring EU law network. We need to keep making complaints to 48 and then to Comreg. Hopefully, they will get any penalty fee and will be forced to change their practice.

Yes I was in UK last week and had no phone service whatsoever. Had to contact my sister while on the train from airport, thankfully their wifi system works. Heading to Spain soon and need my phone to communicate with family and for getting around a new place. Should I consider changing provider???

I’m in France and have got 3G, had to tweak the roaming profile settings as described elsewhere. Don’t change providers, keep complaining. If you’re really stuck in EU, get an Orange 14day visitors Sim or better still an eSIM if you can get on Wi-Fi to download it. It’s all on the orange websites such as

My daughter is interrailing around Europe . We did everything to ensure she would have 3G/4G . So Far France has worked - with adjusting settings provided on trouble shoot . Italy nothing worked but could receive and accept calls : texts . Slovenia 3G working so far . 48 have been helpful on the chat box but did not solve the 3G4G in Italy . Thought I would post in case anyone has sons daughters travelling . We thought about giving her a second phone to use with a local SIM . Will defo do that the next time .