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4g roaming - new EU regulation 1 July 2022


When does 48 plan to add 4G roaming? I have noticed for a few EU countries roaming no longer works for 3G as they are shutting down their 3G networks and replacing with 4/5G, and 48 only offer 3G roaming. This means I am only getting 2G/EDGE if I am lucky


the new EU rule 

Consumers now will have the right to the same quality of mobile internet abroad, as the one they have at home. Operators providing mobile services should ensure that consumers have access to use 4G





just an update - I am in Italy 24 days after the EU regulation has come into force and I am still only getting 2G.

I have been here the whole time and always 2g. for first 2 weeks it was no service which was a joke while all other people i was with roamed to 4g and they were on gomo or vodafone. I bought a e-sim from the airalo app and got 4g instantly, so its not my phone. 


inbeteen all this 48 emailed me saying if you roam over 4 months they will cancel service. What service?


my reccomentations to others is if you are lucky and have a phone that can do e-sim : get the airalo app and download an e-sim. i got 10gb for about 15Euro.  it will do.. you are paying 48 a cheap amount for a reason, 😉 


Exactly they just dont care enough to use 4G is they are based off of Three They should be able to acces 4G or 5G Abrod ita just a ----show at this point cant even use 2to atleat get calls or texts in euorpe had to get a sim in the country im in

If you go to your login page on the 48 website, they are running a survey asking for feedback about your roaming experience. Possibly just to pretend to Comreg that they are doing something about their appaling, probably illegal, roaming service. Sock it to 'em. 

I can also confirm that Germany only has 2G with 48months. Just back. So no change and situation is now ongoing for about 1 year since Germany shut down 3G.


Just a matter of time before nobody will get anything faster than 2G in the EU as all countries are shutting down 3G.


Will open another comreg complaint but doubt they will do much.