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Get involved + get rewarded

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How it works:

It’s worth sticking around because the things you do while you’re on the community could earn you a reward. Here are some examples of how you could end up on our list of top members.


Answer Questions:

Post answers to other people’s questions. Some answers can be quite specific & techie, so it can involve a lot of detail. But once answers are correct & clear you’re on to a winner.
Sometimes a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will do the trick.It’s about quality not quantity.
If the answer already exists in the community, point them in the right direction.
If you see someone giving a right answer or showing someone towards the right answer then give them some Kudos!
If your question has been answered correctly, click ‘Accepted Solution’.



Share ideas


Techie questions not your thing? Don’t worry. We’ve got the hang out section where you can chat about all things non 48.

Are you conquering the best 48 months of your life? Tell us & share your experience with other 48ers.

You can chat about anything here. For example-you got tips for exam cramming, share them in the hang out section &  if other members think your stuff is good by giving you Kudos you get rewarded.



Using 48’s ‘spread the word’ tool: 

These are ways of earning points towards your credit and then there are ways to help 48 grow by getting other people to sign up.  Get your friends to order a SIM and when they buy their membership you automatically earn yourself €5 Kickback credit (and your friend gets €5 Kickback credit as well!). If they buy The Don membership you get €10 Kickback credit - the price of a month’s standard membership! Learn more about how Kickback works here.





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