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Why can’t I call or text?

Started ‎06-05-2013 by
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I bought my membership. Why can't I call or text?


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There are a few things to check in this case.


Has your membership expired yet?

If you’ve bought a new membership and you’re not able to call or text, chances are your old membership hasn’t expired yet. Your new membership will only kick in once your current membership expires. You can check out when that is here.


Has your account been suspended?

48 have a fair usage policy. If you’re in breach of this then your membership might be suspended. You should have got plenty of warning about this from the care crew. If you’ve been suspended, nothing you can do now but wait until your current membership expires so that your next one can kick in.


Has your membership been processed?

When you check your 48 account here, can you see that you have a valid membership or do you see that it is still “processing”? If it hasn’t been too long best to leave it to fix itself. If you’re waiting for more than a couple of hours then it’s best to get on to the care crew here.


Activated my new SIM - why can't I call or text?


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The first thing to check is that you have activated the SIM against the correct account. You can check this when you log into My 48 here.


Check the mobile number displayed at the top of the page.


Next you need to check that you have an active membership, your calls and texts won’t work until you have bought your membership. Find out more about how to buy your membership.



If it’s the correct mobile number and you have an active membership:


That’s good. We should be able to figure out what the problem is easily enough, just give the care crew a shout here. Please include the following info:


  • I have just activated my new SIM and I cannot use it.
  • The SIM number is: <add SIM number>
  • My mobile number is: <add mobile number>
  • Have you got a new phone and if so, is it unlocked?
  • Can you make calls? No, what error do you hear?
  • Can you receive calls?
  • Can you send texts? No, what error do you see?
  • Can you receive texts?


Why are my calls and texts suddenly not working?


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Have you used up all your minutes and texts?

On some of our memberships you will get a limited amount of calls and internet to use. Check your allowance via your online account here.


If it’s all used up, you can buy one of our nifty little add-ons for more minutes or texts on the Buy stuff page to keep you going to your next membership.


Got any warnings from the care crew about fair usage?

48 have a fair usage policy. If you are in breach of this your membership might be suspended. Check here for any messages from the care crew.


Suspended: Ouch! It can be lifted until your current membership is up.

Not suspended: Time to give the care crew a shout so they can troubleshoot this further. You can do it here


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