We’ve just launched our multi-rewards choices for our Recruit and Reward programme.

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We have some exciting news to share.  


We’ve just launched our multi-rewards choices for our Recruit and Reward programme.


The power is now in your hands to choose your reward, while stocks last.


Choose between a €10 UberEats voucher or a voucher for a film on Rakuten TV for you and your friend, every time you successfully recruit a friend to 48.   


The buck doesn’t stop there as you’ll both receive 1 month’s free credit as soon as your friends buys their first membership.


If you’re not familiar with our current Recruit & Reward programme we’d strongly suggest having a look at our article by clicking here.


Quick Heads up on what’s taking place:


  • Both recruiter and friend will continue to receive their reward credit once all the Recruit & Reward steps have been followed.


  • Recruiter and friend will now both have a choice between a €10 UberEats voucher and a voucher for a film on Rakuten TV (€5 voucher). 


  • The recruiter and their friend will receive their reward via email once the friend purchases their first membership.


  • Offer is limited on a first come first serve basis.


The Legal Stuff


Current Recruit & Reward Terms & Conditions are on our website here. 




Need to know more of the good stuff, great! We’ve prepared some FAQ’s that will help answer any additional questions you might have.


When will the offer start and end?

The offer will kick off from the 28th of September and will run until all our vouchers are snapped up. So don’t miss out and happy recruiting!


Who is eligible to receive the rewards?

The offer is only eligible to (i) existing 48 customers who have successfully recruited a friend to 48 within the offer period / gift card availability and (ii) the friend who is successfully recruited to 48 within the offer period / gift card availability.


Is there a limit on how many rewards a recruiter can get?

No, there’s no limit on the number of gift cards individual customers can get, for example if you recruit 5 friends, you get 5 gift cards. The reward choices are limited in volume so its first come first served!



When will the recruiter receive their reward?

As soon as your friend purchases their first membership, both the recruiter and friend will receive an email bringing them to the 48.ie where they can chose their reward. The membership credit will apply to your 48 account and your reward code will be sent to your email.


I recruited my friend before the offer start date, will I receive a reward?

Yes, once any new friend recruited through our Recruit & Reward programme buys their membership from the offer start date/availability of gift cards then yes, you’ll receive a choice of rewards for bringing them onboard. We’re a sound bunch if we do say so ourselves!


How will I redeem my rewards?

You’ll receive either your €10 UberEats voucher code or your voucher for a film on Rakuten TV via email once your friend purchases their first membership.


There’ll also be instructions on how to use and redeem your reward on the respective website/app.


In the unlikely event you encounter a whoops moment when you’re redeeming your voucher, experts are on hand to help you out on their customer support, check out the small print of the email where you received your reward.



Happy Recruiting!


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