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Membership Issues & Solutions.

Started ‎06-05-2013 by
Modified ‎01-04-2020 by

What is the difference between membership and top up?


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In order to get your calls/texts/internet to work, topping up is not enough; you’ll need to convert the top up into membership. 48 have memberships which are bundles of calls, texts and internet. You’ll need to buy a membership each month to have these active.


You can buy your membership straight away with your payment card without topping up your account, just click here to get started.


Remember that things like MMS, international calls etc. will be charged from your credit balance though, so we recommend that you top up your balance by €2 or €3 as well as your membership for any extra charges you might need. You can click here to top up your balance.


So if you for example you can top up by €23, then convert the €20 into your Don membership and then you’ll have the remaining €3 on your account if you ever need it for something extra. Simple!



I bought membership but I can’t call or text


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There are a few things to check in this case.


Has your membership expired yet? 

If you’ve bought a new membership and you’re not able to call or text, chances are your old membership hasn’t expired yet. Your new membership will only kick in once your current membership expires. You can check out when that is here.


Has your account been suspended? 

48 have a fair usage policy. If you’re in breach of this then your membership might be suspended. You should have got plenty of warning about this from the care crew. If you’ve been suspended, nothing you can do now but wait until your current membership expires so that your next one can kick in.


Has your membership been processed? 

When you check your 48 account here, can you see that you have a valid membership or do you see that it is still “processing”? If it hasn’t been too long best to leave it to fix itself. If you’re waiting for more than a couple of hours then it’s best to get on to the care crew here.


My membership started today, but I didn't get my minutes


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Remember your membership will only run out the day that it expires.


So if your membership is set to expire on the 15th of August, it will only expire between 10 PM and 11.59 PM and your new membership will kick in once your current membership expires.


If it goes past midnight and your new membership still hasn't kicked in then you can put in a request with the care crew here


Can I get the Standard membership?


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48’s Standard Membership (300 mobile calls & all texts to all networks for 10 eur per month) is exclusively available to members who joined 48 before the 5th of March 2013.

So if you joined after this date, you won’t be able to get this, sorry!



You took too much money


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If you tried to pay your membership and were overcharged, chances are that you’ve accidentally bought more memberships that you were meant to.


When you buy a membership it is “stacked” in your account and will only kick in once your current membership expires. You can check that out on My 48.


So if that happens, then you’ve just bought yourself some extra membership – no harm done!


If you haven’t bought more membership that you’ve meant to, then you might have been overcharged. Best thing to do now is to contact the care crew here so they can sort that out and get your money back to you


Getting an error message when trying to buy membership


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There are a few different errors that can come up when you're trying to buy membership. Have a look below and see if you can figure it out.


Remember, when getting in touch with the care crew about an error message, you'll need to include the error.


"Security Limitations"

Unfortunately there's nothing much you can do about this. 

You'll need to log a request with the care crew here and they'll be able to look into this for you.


"You don't have access to this page"

Have you ordered a replacement SIM?

If you have, then you'll just need to sit tight until it arrives, you won't be able to register until then.


If you haven't ordered a replacement SIM and you're getting this message then you can contact the care crew here to see what the problem is. 


"SIM de-activated"

Have you requested to move over your number to a new SIM?

If you're getting this error message then your transfer must still be in progress, just sit tight and this should be sorted for you soon.


If your number has already been moved then it's best to get on to the care crew here 


"Portin Failure"

Has your number been transfered over yet? If not then just give it another little while and it should sort itself out. 

If your number has been trasfered over and this message is still coming up for you, then it's best to get in touch with the care crew here


"We're still activating your SIM"

Has your SIM been activated yet? If not then just give it a little time and it should sort itself out. 

If your SIM has been activated and this message is still coming up for you, then it's best to get in touch with the care crew here


I bought the wrong membership, what do I do?


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Has the membership started already, or is it queued to start at a later date? Remember, buying a new membership won’t automatically cancel the current one. When you buy a new one it is “stacked” in your account until your current membership expires.


If it's started already: 

Sorry about that, but if you’ve bought the wrong membership then you’ll just have to wait it out for the month until it runs out!


If your membership is queued: 

If the membership is queued get in touch with the care crew. We might be able to get it cancelled if there is enough time.


If the membership you’ve got doesn’t have everything you need then you can get yourself some add-ons here.


I have my membership but where has my credit gone?  


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There can be quite a few reasons why your credit has vanished. Check the list and see if any apply to you. 

  • Have you used credit to buy membership and/or add-on 
  • Top-up credit can be used to buy a membership and/or add-on. Go to My48 to check if you’ve recently bought a membership and/or add-on using the credit.  
  • Have you used any services that aren’t a part of your membership or add-on balance i.e. sent picture message, called any premium/low rate numbers, called texted any International numbers? 
  • Check the list at the bottom of this page to learn about the pricing for calling premium/low rate numbers 
  • Have you taken your phone abroad? 
  • Check this page for the rates for using your phone while you're abroad (roaming) 


If you are sure you have not used your credit for any of the above then time to give the Care Crew a shout. 



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