It’s time for a new 48!

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Hey Guys,


We’ve some really exciting news to share.

We thought we could do data better, so we did. Now, you can roll it over, save it, share it, borrow it and even donate it to a good cause on all our new memberships. It’s up to you.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to change if you don’t want to, but if you do there's lots more value, and more you can do with your data so read on to know more! 



  1. Did My48 login details changed? 

No. Your log in details to your My48 are still exactly the same! 



  1. Do I need to change my SIM? 

There’s no need to replace your SIM, just buy a new membership so you can do more with your data.



  1. Can I get the new membership now? 

Sure, you can buy one of our new memberships now and it’ll kick in when your current one ends.



  1. Is there a new My48 app? 

Yes, the new My48 App is now available on Android and IOS so now it’s easier than ever to manage your account while on the go. 



  1. Why am I being asked for my marketing permissions again? 

We’re refreshing marketing permission so that you are seeing the messages you want. When you first log into your My48, we’ll ask you how you want to hear from us. 48 has loads of new exciting offers, with more to come, and we want to you to be in the know. 



  1. What’s the deal with the data features? 

You can do loads more with data on our new plans. Save or donate data or swap minutes for data. The share data feature is also now live as our new app is available for you to download. Find out more here



  1. Care Crew.

Our resources are limited during due to the events of Covid-19, so we may take a little longer than usual to respond.  Please bear with us, as we’re trying our best to get back to you as quickly as we can. Our community has been given a revamp and all articles updated so make sure to take a look as your query can be answered here and you can always ask your 48 fam for support in the community and share your knowledge with others too, it’ll help dampen the cabin fever.



  1. The Community looks different?

Why thank you, you noticed 😃. Yup, it’s gotten a fresh lick of paint and our articles have been updated for your reading enjoyment, so make sure you brush up on all things 48! 



  1. Is Mates Rates now called Recruit & Reward? 

Yes, Mates Rates is now called Recruit & Reward.! It’s still the same great offer but with a brand-new name. Get a friend to join your 48 fam and you both get a free membership. 



  1. Coming Soon!

As you can see, we've gone through a overhaul and we've still a bit more work to do! So in the interest of honesty, we want to give you the heads up that some of our features are still receiving some final touches and will be up and running soon.

The contact us function through your My48 is still undergoing some maintenance so this option won’t be available for a little bit longer. If your preferred contact choice to get in touch with our Care Crew is through email then just mail the team on from your personal email address. 

Bear with us though and you'll reap the benefits once all’s complete!

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