I want to leave 48, how do I do that?

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Sorry to hear that.  Was it something we said?  Well I guess all good things come to an end.


You will be glad to hear it's very easy to move your 48 number to another network.


Just contact the network you want to move to and they will arrange everything from there for you. As your account here on 48 is a prepay account, you won't need an account number for them to submit a port for your number.



If I leave what happens to my credit?

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I'm afraid you lose any credit or membership you have.


Have a read of the boring T's & C's http://48months.ie/boiler-plate/terms#8.


Might be an idea to hang on until any credit or membership you have is used.



What if I don't want to move to another network?

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If you don't wish to move to another network and don't want to keep your number, you can simply stop using it.


After 6 months to 1 year of inactivity - inactivity meaning no calls/texts/internet usage, and no top-ups or subscription use - your number may be recycled, meaning that any credit will be lost, your account will be closed and your number may be given to someone else.


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