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All About Memberships and Payments

Started ‎21-04-2020 by
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At 48 we understand that from month to month you might change your mind about the kind of membership you want. So, we’ve tailored our memberships and top up options to give you that choice.   




What’s a membership?
Membership is your allocation of calls, texts and data allowance in the package you’ve purchased.

What’s a Top Up?
Top up is the amount of credit that you can add to your account with your payment card. 


So what’s the difference between Top up and Membership?  

With traditional networks you must make sure you’ve changed your plan at an account level first and then top up otherwise you don’t get your benefits.  


With 48 you buy the membership you want directly as part of your transaction or use the credit that’s available on your My48 account to buy your membership.  


What that means is you have the freedom to change your membership every month depending on your needs.  


If you want to add additional credit to your account, then that’s good too and you can use this credit to purchase next month’s membership and/or add-ons as you see fit. You can add credit to your account by visiting your payment details within settings and select "add credit" then choose the amount to add.   


Legacy Memberships

We’re by no means spring chickens when it comes to being in the Telecoms market, so we do have a number of legacy plans from when we first started. These are only available to existing customer.


If you’re an existing 48 customer pre-April 2020 see your allowance benefits below in our membership guide.


New Memberships  

  • Each new membership includes:
  • Unlimited Minutes (mobile & landline)
  • Unlimited Texts (any network)
  • 4G
  • We offer a 40GB membership and a 80GB membership.


More importantly this means you get to choose the data amount that suits you!  You can use this data in lots of different ways. We call this Flexi-data and this allows you to donate, share, save (and more) with your My48 web or App.  


Find out more about flexi-data here  


Memberships Guide - New Vs Legacy















How can I top up or add my membership? 

We’re 100% digital so you can purchase your membership and top up on or through your My48 app (available on Android and IOS). It helps keep our membership prices competitive to give you more bang for your buck. We’re all about choice so you’ve several options to purchase your membership, have a look and pick the option that suits you best

They are:  

  • Auto-renew – This is the easiest and simplest way to add membership and ensures you never miss out. Just choose the membership you want to recur every month and register your card details on your My48 account. The membership you selected will automatically renew on the same day each month without the need for you to log in or overthink things. 
  • Manual - If you fancy changing your membership each month, then we’d suggest you manually renew your membership each month. Remember to check your My48 to see your renewal date so you don’t miss out.  
  • Stack Membership - If you’re feeling flush some months over others, you can treat yourself and purchase memberships to kick in automatically. You’re still the pilot here as you control how much you pay by paying upfront and you can mix and match membership types depending on your future needs. You’ll also be able to see what memberships you’ve purchased by checking My48 and selecting Memberships within the menu.  
  • Credit - Sometimes credit suits your needs. You can select the amount to credit your account, then use that to purchase memberships or add-ons later.  To add credit to your account selecting setting > payment details > add credit.  
  • Text – If you’re on one of our older plans pre March 2020; you can still buy all our legacy memberships or add-ons by sending a simple text.  You need to ensure you have some credit on your number already. 


What payment Cards can I use?  

We accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard & Laser card. 

We don't accept American Express or Diners Club.


How do I add a Payment Card to my account?

Login to your My48 account >> Go to Settings >> Payment Details. Here you'll see the option to add or edit your card details. 


Can someone else top up My48 account?  

Absolutely!! If you have a generous friend, they can purchase credit for your account using the 48 Gift Shop. All they need to do is enter your number here and select the amount they’d like to credit your account.  

Just a Heads Up - After your friends topped up your account, you’ll need to login to your My48 account to activate your membership type from your new credit balance, don't worry you'll get a text notification to let you know you've been topped up. Happy day’s 😎 





How long will my auto renew be set up for? 

Once you switch on auto renew your membership will automatically renew as long as you remain a 48 customer and your payment Card is still in date and active. 

If you want to amend your auto renew details (e.g. switch it off/change your membership or change payment card) it’s all available through your My48 web.


Do you have to have active membership to set this up? 

You can switch on your membership to automatically renew through your My48. In order to switch it on you will need to buy a membership. Once you switch it on we will send you a confirmation text.  

Also each month before your membership renews you will get a reminder text. If you want to amend auto renew (switch off/change membership/change payment method) it’s all available at your ‘My48’  


I have queued memberships now, so can I set up an Auto Renew now? 

As you’ve already sorted your memberships in advance there’s no need to switch on auto renew. However, once you reach the last membership of your current queue you can go ahead and set up auto renew on the next membership. 


When will the auto renew occur and when will my card be charged? 

Your card will be charged on the day your new membership renews every month. For example, if your membership automatically renews on the 28th of the month – payment will be taken on that day. You will get a reminder text 2 days before your membership renews – letting you know your membership and cost that’ll be taken.  


What happens if the payment is fails? My card has expired? Is cancelled? There are insufficient funds/credit? 

If your payment is declined, we will send you a text asking you to update your saved card details.  

To buy your next membership you’ll need to update your card details and then manually buy your membership. You’ll also need re opt-in to auto renew so your future memberships are automatically renewed.  


Can I use Revolut or Paypal Card?

Ya absolutely we accept Revolut payments however we don't accept Paypal.


Can I set up recurring payments for other stuff - e.g. cash credit when the balance falls below some limit, add-ons when allowances are used up etc.

No, currently auto renew is only for your membership.  


What if I want to change my membership type etc.? 

That’s no problem! You can amend your membership auto renew at any time. Just log on to My48 and hit the change button beside your membership planner. This brings you to the auto renew management page. Here you can  

  • Switch off/on Auto renew  
  • Change the membership you want to auto renew*  
  • Change to payment method – card or balance 

*Remember if you’re mid-way through your current membership it’s the next membership that will change! 


Is there a cut off time for removing recurring or changing membership before due date?

Yes, if you want to change your auto renew details it needs to be completed before 10pm on the evening your current membership expires. That’s to make sure we can process all requests for the next day.


Can I pay multiple accounts with one card?

You can indeed 👍

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