40GB €9.99 Membership Retirement

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What’s Happening

From the 5th of April 2022 our €40GB €9.99 membership will be retired for purchase for our existing 48 customers.

For any customer currently on the €9.99 membership after the 5th of April 2022 you’ll be able to purchase 100GB of Data for just €10.99.


Note: The 40GB €9.99 membership has been retired for sale for all new 48 customers since the 2nd of February 2021 so this info guide is for existing 48 customers on the 40GB €9.99 membership prior to the 2nd of February 2022.


Why is this change being made?

At 48, we know how important data is to our customers, and we are building plans to reflect this. For an extra €1, we will now offer more than twice the amount of data as our original plan. At €10.99, 48 continues to offer the most competitive plan on the market that is extremely affordable and offering real value to our customers


See below table for comparison between the 40GB €9.99 and 100GB €10.99.



40GB v 100GB.PNG


Full Terms & Conditions for the €10.99 plan are available here


When will the change come into effect?

From the 5th of April.  If your current membership is due to expire before the 5th of April 2022, then you’ll still have the option to continue to buy the 40GB €9.99 until the changes come into effect on the 5th



Just a heads up – Remember you have the option to queue/stack memberships on 48. So if you’re feeling flush buy your €9.99 memberships now so they’re queued for the months ahead before it retires on April 5th.  


Have you notified impacted customers?

Yes, we’ve emailed all of our existing customers who are on the 40GB €9.99 membership the week beginning the 21st of February 2022.  We’re obligated to give at least 30 days’ notice of the upcoming changes so emails were sent ahead of time to ensure you had enough time to review the changes.


My email says I have a right of exit. Is that correct?

Yes, that’s correct. Although 48 is a prepaid service and our customers are not in a fixed term contract, we are making a modification to the terms of service for customers currently on the 40GB €9.99 membership. Under regulation 14 of European Regulation we’re obligated to notify impacted customers and ensure they are aware of the changes and they’re aware of their right of exit if they don’t agree to these changes. Full terms and conditions can be found here


I’m happy with the changes, what happens to my membership after the 5th of April?

Good stuff!! We have a few methods on how to buy membership so the below guide will help on what to do based on your set up. Remember these changes only take affect once your membership expired on or the 5th of April.

  • Manual Membership Renewal – Once your existing membership expires then just login to your My48 and buy your 100GB membership as you usually do.
  • Auto Renew – If you have auto renew turned on, then on your next membership renewal after the 5th, 10.99 will be debited from your card and your 100GB membership allowance will be applied to your account going forward.
  • Queued/Stacked Membership – As you’ve already pre-paid your €9.99 membership in advance then there’s no impact to you.  They queued membership in the background will be changed to the 100GB €10.99 membership at no additional cost. So if you’re reading this before the 5th of April, feel free to stock before its gone.


What happens if I don’t buy a membership between now and the 4th of April?

Not to worry, the next time you log in to your My48 everything will be the same as it normally is. The only difference will be that the 40GB €9.99 membership won’t be available to purchase. However you will be able to purchase the 100GB €10.99 memberships which will be applied to your account immediately as usual once purchased. 


How can I move to the 100GB €10.99 membership today?

If you’re purchasing before the 4th of April, log in to your My48 as usual and go to the Memberships tab. If you scroll past the 40GB €9.99 membership, you’ll see the 100GB €10.99 option and it’s available to purchase right away.  Just bear in mind if your current membership is still active your new purchase won’t kick in until after it expires.  If your out of membership your good to go right away.


I don’t accept the changes, what now?

We’re sorry to hear that ☹. We don’t want to see you go but we respect your decision. If you don’t accept the changes then your free to cancel your account with us.



To cancel & keep your number

  • Turn off your auto renew (applicable only if it’s turned on)
  • Port your number to another network.
  • Your account is a prepaid registered account, and you don’t require an account number to move your number.
  • Once the ports complete your account will be cancelled.


To cancel and not keep your number

  • Turn off your auto renew (applicable only if it’s turned on)
  • Your account will go inactive if no membership is purchased within 180


Do I need to contact you to agree or disagree to the new change?

No not at all! We don’t want you to go to any additional effort so unless we haven’t answered your question above, we’ll take your next steps as follows:


  1. If you agree to the new changes - continue to buy membership as you usually do, and we’ll look after the rest as outlined above.
  2. If you don’t agree to the changes – then by not purchasing a future membership after the 5th and/or cancelling your account, then this will let us know.

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